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    Personalise Your Clothing Items With Laundry Labels

    Laundry labels say a lot about the clothing brand. When it comes to purchasing clothing items, customers prefer to look at the labels as it helps them find out about the clothing material, brand and how to take proper care of the apparel.

    Laundry Labels

    Fantastick Label Company understands the importance of clothing labels. Such type of labels compels customers to buy a particular branded product. For over 30 years, we have helped several clients and businesses set their brands apart and make their mark in the industry. We supply high-quality laundry labels customised according to the taste and preference of our clients.

    The apparel and clothing industries have a diverse set of standards for laundry labels. The label not only represents their brand name but also communicates important information about maintaining the clothing product. There are usually two kinds of labels used worldwide, one that shows the fabric composition and the other that lists out the washing and ironing instructions to the customers.

    We are dedicated to providing excellent printing services. Our labelling solutions are a combination of functionality and originality. With clear cut washing instructions provided, the labels also serve as a guide to help people know how to take care of their garments.

    Applications Of Laundry Labels

    Putting laundry labels on apparel is an effective way to communicate important instructions to your customers. If the consumers are aware of how to take care of the branded clothes, they will last long thus ensuring they are happy with your product.

    At Fantastick Label Company, we take our client’s list of requirements and design ideas into account before moving ahead to the processing stage. Our laundry labels are highly customisable, which means you can choose the laundry symbols and text according to your clothing line. Whatever the text or colour combination you want, we can make it happen. Our manufactured labels can be directly sewn into the clothes and offer a luxurious look. To ensure the longevity of labels, our experts use waterproof and non-fade ink to create the clothing labels.

    Laundry Label Printer

    Garment labels are used to let the consumers know about the distinctive washing and caring instructions of the clothing items manufactured by your brand. With our latest laundry label printer technology, you can list all the special instructions for your clothes.

    We offer customised and unique laundry and clothing labels that will help you distinguish your brand from others. The labels are long-lasting and durable, which means they can retain their original condition and the ink does not fade away with time.

    Why Choose Our Printing Services?

    Our labels are perfect for all types of clothing brands. The laundry labels can be found in a wide range of colour combinations, sizes and shapes. You can choose a customised dimension and the total number of text characters according to the type of content you want to get printed on the labels.

    If you are not sure what type of laundry label printer services you’re looking for, kindly call our customer service staff on 03 9305 2122.



    1,00 000+ business professionals trust us with their printing. Add the real human face or even you can
    approach your existing customers or reputed businesses for testimonial.

    Again, thanks for your attention to detail and picking the errors for us.

    Srini Ranganathan | Co- founder and CEO Euclove Clean Pty Ltd.

    Thank you so much! It sounds perfect! Really Efficient.

    Giancarlo Leonardi | Processes Manager – Operations Dept Diseb Group Pty Ltd

    The labels have arrived – which is amazing ! They were scanned in at Devonport this morning at 8.45 am – which made me think we wouldn’t get them until tomorrow, but amazingly they are here – and with two days to spare. You are the best – thank you so much for the efficiency in meeting our urgent requirements.

    Teena Blair | Office Manager R Stephens Apiarists Pty Ltd

    Thank you so much for your efforts in sorting out our orders and accounts! Appreciate it.

    Lidija Rafailovic | Warehouse General Hand Australian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers

    Great result on this month’s stock reconciliation. This is very impressive considering how busy the last month has been. Thank you for your hard work and diligence in managing our stock.

    Anthony Sheehan | Short Term Planner PPD L’Oréal Australia

    We just wanted to reach out and say thank you for such lovely labels. They’re exactly what we were hoping for. I’ve attached a picture so you can see our final product and look out for it on the shelves! 🙂

    Matt and Isabella Brunswick Burn Co- Founder and CEO

    Fantastick Labels have been providing us with labels for 35 years – over that time many designs and sizes have been designed and printed. Their staff are professional, friendly and efficient and go above and beyond at times to ensure labels are delivered on time or to get artwork finalized to exactly what we require. We always feel we are a priority even with the smallest of orders. Fantastick are like family to us, we wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

    Tina Blair R. Stephens Apiarists Pty Ltd

    I have been working with Fantastick for over 20 years and have always enjoyed the great service and pricing. The team has been attentive to our changing requirements and getting product delivered on time.

    Martin Talacko I Managing Director SalDoce Fine Foods

    Our experience with Fantastick Label Co over the past 16 months as contributed to the success of our business. With exceptionally professional staff and process in places, their timely services and aptitude to our projects as yield success to our intricate business portfolio.

    Keenan Adonis | International Sales Director S K Trading & Sons Pty Ltd

    Edlyn Foods and Fantastick Label Company have been partners for a number of years. During this time, the team at FLC have demonstrated an extremely high level of commitment and dedication when it comes to their products and services. This in turn allows Edlyn Foods to provide value to its customers. I look forward to a continued lasting relationship with FLC in the future

    Joey Kuruvilla | Procurement Manager Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd

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