Foil Stickers Printing

Foil stickers are a great way to make your message stand out. Gold and silver foil stickers create a top-class effect, catch the eye instantly and captivate your customers. When you want to make a statement, look no further than the sophisticated appeal of foil stickers.

Fantastick Label Company offers custom foil labels printing in an array of sizes and finishes. Our proven print process allows us to deliver premium quality foil stickers that exude quality and luxury. We offer an exhaustive range of foil colours and top-quality paper sticker that’s flexible yet luxuriously thick. What’s more, we can print and foil on an array of materials so you can completely customise your foil stickers to your liking.

Why Foil Stickers Printing?

Foil stickers are custom made labels designed for your brand. These are an excellent choice for luxury goods, premium food manufacturers, premium products and services, gourmet products, cosmetics and beauty services.

They are an excellent way to offer quality assurance and complement the opulence and sophistication of your products.

Foil stickers are used for an array of product labelling, window stickers, and promotional handouts too. They are waterproof, offer excellent clarity and do not tear away easily. What’s more, they don’t wrinkle easily even when exposed to moisture.

Foil Label Printing Specialists in Melbourne

We don’t just print stickers; we design them too. We understand that creating custom artwork can be complex and time-consuming. Why run around when we can take care of it for you.

Foil Stickers Printing

Our experienced graphic designers will work with you to bring your ideas to life and design a stunning artwork for your foil labels. To protect your foil labels and ensure the foil comes out crisp and smooth, we laminate them. Not only does this effect add additional thickness to your stickers but it makes the glossy foil highlights shine and stand out.

Why Choose Us for Foil Stickers Printing?

    • No set-up costs. Print your stickers in any size you desire without paying exorbitant die-cut charges.
    • High-quality materials. We know you desire great results. That’s why we use the best quality materials that exude class and elegance.
    • High-quality printing. We assure you of vibrant colour reproduction with superior adhesion on smooth surfaces.
    • Fast turnaround. We will have your foil stickers ready within 5 business days so you can bring your product to market without a long wait time.
    • Customised solutions. Our foil labels are fully customised to your requirements. Choose the shape, colour and finish you like and we take care of the rest.
    • Competitive pricing. Whether you choose from our ready stock or require a custom job, our foil sticker printing services are competitively priced.

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