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    Who we are & WHAT WE DO

    Fantastick Label Company has always been a family-owned and operated business since it first opened its doors back in 1989. From humble beginnings in a small factory in Thomastown operating a single semi-rotary machine to produce cosmetic labels for a couple of clients, our ‘family’ has grown to be a staff of 21 servicing more than 350 clients with 8 machines operating out of large and modern premises in Campbellfield.

    The success we have achieved over the past 32 years can be attributed to an unwavering dedication to provide first-class service to our customers backed by a quality product. These two factors in conjunction with the development of a loyal and stable team with a shared vision and common goal have resulted in solid and consistent growth.

    We firmly believe that teamwork and cooperation will deliver greater individual performance, better problem solving, innovation, and a strong and united direction for the business. We encourage mentoring over management, initiative over instruction, responsibility for requirements.

    Ultimately we see that our approach to business delivers tangible benefits to our customers and our suppliers which leads to strong and successful partnerships.


    To offer leading label and packaging services to Australia through 5-star service, quality standards, quality materials, adoption of new technology and following our clients trends.

    • Teamwork


    • Accountability


    • Integrity


    • Reliability


    • consistency


    • Innovation


    • To be the first choice for label buyers recognised for excellence in our product, service, safety and facilities.
    • To be the first choice for packaging buyers offering attention to detail and prompt delivery first time and every time.
    • To be recognised for a systematic and effective approach to innovation, design and function for labels.
    • To be recognised as a company of choice for employment. Behaving ethically and truthfully with our business networks.
    • To be a formidable and reliable part of the supply chain for both suppliers and clients.

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    At Fantastick Label Company We Believe That Customer Service Involves Every Member Of Our Team Not Just Those Who Have Face-To- Face Contact With Our Customers Or Speak With Them On The Phone. We Believe That If Every Member Of Our Team Is Accountable For Their Part Of The ‘Process’ Then Our Customers Will Experience ‘Fantastick’ Service From Reception And Accounts To Sales, Design, And Production And Everyone In Between.

    This Team Approach Means We Are Consistently Striving To Achieve A Common Goal – Our Customer’s Success – Based On A Proven Methodology Comprising:

    • Customer focus
    • Quality awareness
    • Management awareness
    • Team focus
    • Self-reliance

    This Ensures Every Employee Is A Stakeholder In The Fantastick Customer Service Experience Which Incorporates 4 Key Elements:

    1.  Courteous and prompt response to customers
    2.  Reliable and prompt delivery – on time, first time, every time.
    3.  Technical advice backed by experience
    4.  Competitive pricing

    From concept to completion our ultimate quality goal is to achieve perfection in labelling and packaging. We consistently strive to provide the best quality products and services possible, one which at a minimum will satisfy our customer’s expectations and ideally exceed them and at a price which will enable us and our clients to remain competitive and profitable in our respective markets.


    Utilising a similar all-inclusive team approach like the one we use for customer service, all employees make a positive contribution to maintaining and improving the quality standard of our labelling products and packaging services by adhering to our quality principles which are:

    • To always strive for total customer satisfaction whilst searching for ways to improve this high level of satisfaction.
    • To initially assess suppliers and service providers to ensure the company has chosen wisely in working with reliable suppliers
    • To develop a close relationship with those suppliers to form a mutual understanding and trust of each other’s expectations.
    • For everything we do to be properly planned and carried out from the beginning, leaving nothing to chance.
    • To provide a safe and pleasant working environment for employees and customers alike.
    • To undertake regular reviews of our measurable objectives and performance in meeting those objectives to drive continuous improvement.

    This means listening and engaging with customers to fully understand their requirements from the very first stage through to fulfilment.

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