Digital Labels Printing in Melbourne

A book is always judged by its cover. That’s human nature. And unavoidable. That’s why at Fantastick Label Company, we ensure your label is printed exactly as you need it to be. We believe your labels should not only look fabulous but they should serve their intended purpose. We pay attention to every little detail, use premium quality materials and deploy the latest digital technology to give your products a stunning visual impact. Make your products stand out so they fly off the shelf and increase your sales with our high quality digital label printing service in Melbourne. Whether you are looking to introduce multiple product lines, upgrade your labelling, extending your range or want to introduce on-pack promotions, changes to labels have become effortless with digital technology.

Short Run Label Printing

Our short run label printing solutions allow you to make a big impression without breaking the bank. As a growing business, it makes no sense to spend a huge sum on labels you might never even use. We are with you. With digital label printing, you can now order what you need whenever you need it. We specialise in producing small and multiple variant runs using the latest digital technology so you can respond to your target market and scale up effortlessly and quickly. Our smaller minimum orders mean that you can order multiple variant runs, which gives you maximum flexibility when you are exploring new product lines. What’s more, you can test your product labelling cost-effectively. Traditional print has always been restrictive in terms of minimum runs. With digital label printing, minimum run sizes are no longer a worry. Furthermore, it doesn’t take endless hours to set up like a conventional press does making short runs practical, and affordable.

Minimal Set-Up Costs

Digital label printing demands an exhaustive set-up time. Creating plates, film and pre-press set up are a thing of the past with digital label printing. What’s more, with our online approval system, you can now approve your artwork and send it straight to the press.

Digital Labels Printing in Melbourne

Complete Customisation

Digital label printing gives you access to a wide range of materials so you can customise your labels the way you like. It’s now easy to make attractive labels that make your product simply disappear from the shelves. What’s more, without any minimum run or the need for plates or films, you can customise your labels effortlessly and affordably.

Faster Lead Time

When you are breaking into new or extremely competitive markets, you need to be extremely agile. With our digital printing solutions, you can have your labels ready in no time so you can go to market at the blink of an eye.

Markets We Serve

We produce an array of custom product labels including:

    • Beverage labels
    • Beer and wine bottle labels
    • Personal care labels
    • Food labels
    • Health supplements label printing
    • Logistics labels
    • Non-adhesive and adhesive labels
    • High Quality Digital Label Printing

When you are looking for quality, reliable and professional label printing, contact Fantastick Label Company. We work with you at every step of the way to deliver a bespoke solution that will help increase sales. Contact us today for a free quote.